GARY JOHNSON (aka GJSolo) is a One Man Band who performs every show 100% by Text Request.  With the audience continuously requesting songs throughout the show, Gary spontaneously replicates all of the instruments, vocals, background vocals, and even special effects using only his guitar, his voice and a one-of-a-kind loopstation.  Gary's show is driven by his outgoing personality, seemingly-endless repertoire and his natural ability to thoroughly engage crowds of any size.  When not on tour, Gary spends his time in Upstate NY with his wife and two young daughters, where he is a volunteer firefighter and founder of an award-winning Animal Rescue.   Gary's discography includes several albums with former members of The Fray, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Boston and more; as well as a significant contribution to the soundtrack of a feature film titled "Beyond the Mat" pending International Release.





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NACA Mid-Atlantic Festival
March 10,-11, 2018
East Stroudsburg, PA


APCA Northeast Conference

March 17-19, 2017

Hershey, PA

APCA National Conference

March 8-13, 2016
Houston, TX

NACA Mid-Atlantic
October 24-27, 2015
Buffalo, NY

NACA Mid-Atlantic Fest
March 13,-14, 2015
East Stroudsburg, PA


APCA Northeast
February 26-28, 2015
Hershey, PA


NACA Mid-America Conference
Nov 6-9 , 2014
Covington, KY


NACA West Conference
Nov 13-16, 2014
Portland, OR


APCA National Conference
Mar 26-30, 2014
Atlanta, GA

IAFE International
Dec 8-12 2013
Las Vegas, NV

NACA Mid-Atlantic Conference
Oct 17-20 2013
Buffalo, NY

APCA Northeast Conference

Oct 11-13 2013

Syracuse, NY

APCA Northeast Conference 

March 27-30, 2012

Hershey, PA


NACA Mid Atlantic Conference

October 11-14, 2011

Buffalo, NY